The Initiative: “More than a Market”

In 2015, the German Chamber of Commerce | Shanghai together with the Bertelsmann Stiftung and with the support of the German Consulate in Shanghai, launched the More than a Market initiative with the aim

  • to bundle the existing social engagement efforts of the German business community,
  • to render those activities more visible to Chinese stakeholders,
  • and to catalyze joint action by the German business community for increased impact.

In 2017, all German Chambers in China joined hands to support the initiative.

All German companies in China are welcome to take part in the initiative and to apply for the awards.

Mission Statement

China is a major power of the 21st century, and Germany has a strong interest in a stable and healthy China: the future of German companies depends on their role in Chinese society. Social engagement fosters the relationship between business and society while creating value for both. The continuing success of German companies in China depends on a new perception of the business environment here: namely, that China is more than just a market!

Why Join?

The initiative, the More than a Market awards and our joint publication of projects aim to facilitate exchange of best practice, encourage both individual and collaborative CSR activities and increase visibility of German companies’ social engagement in the eyes of Chinese stakeholders.

Participants will benefit from an annual platform – the More than a Market Forum – as well as a variety of workshops and panels for exchanging ideas and experience with CSR in China and opportunities for connecting with Chinese partners.

Furthermore, we award an annual prize to honor companies which set a positive example in their social engagement.

The next More than a Market Awards will be presented on 31st May 2018 in Shanghai

The Hosts

Bertelsmann Stiftung

Bertelsmann Stiftung was founded in 1977 and is one of the largest private foundations in Germany. It designs and implements its own projects dedicated to serving the common good in areas such as education, economy, health and culture. With its projects in the field of corporate citizenship and corporate culture, the foundation aims at contributing to the political debate by providing studies, analysis and recommendations on necessary reforms. Bertelsmann Stiftung’s program ‘Germany and Asia’ is helping to build a solid foundation for relations between Germany and its Asian partners.

The German Chambers of Commerce in China

The German Chambers of Commerce in China have the important assignment to support German companies regarding their business endeavors in China. However, our responsibility goes beyond the mere facilitation of trade. Therefore, the German Chambers of Commerce offer an extensive portfolio of services and organize a large variety of activities such as workshops, seminars and events every year, allowing its members to network and stay informed about the latest business developments. Divided into the regional centers of Beijing, Shanghai and South & South-West China, we assist all together more than 2,500 companies.

German Consulate General in Shanghai

The initiative is supported by the German Consulate General in Shanghai.