2021-11-16 | Mental Health

The Role of Leadership in Workplace Psychological Safety

Mental health awareness in the workplace is a rising trend. The pandemic has compounded the existing challenges individuals face in coping with their mental health and the way employers handle these concerns.

2021-06-18 | D&I

More than a Market: Inclusion and Business Culture – Autism at Work

More than ten million people in China have been diagnosed with autism, a congenital developmental disorder. Yet, there are many advantages to employ individuals with autism spectrum disorders as they have many distinctive characteristics. These skills are sometimes well-suited to working in the IT sector which can give people with autism the chance to find a regular job and become more self-sufficient.

2021-06-01 | Leadership

More than a Market: Humanistic Leadership exemplified by Good-Ark Electronics

To establish a successful business, Mr. Wu believes that passion and drive for what one does and a profound respect for each other must be guaranteed. In 2009, he publicly pledged “to bring the culture of the sages to the world to benefit mankind” and developed eight “Happy Enterprise” modules to lead employees to work towards this mission.

2020-07-06 | Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Activities and Impacts of the Automotive Sector amid COVID-19

On 6 July 2020, we hosted our offline event in partnership with the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce on “CSR Activities and Impacts of the Automotive Sector amid COVID-19” in Shanghai. Our biggest takeaway: despite the decrease of revenue due to the pandemic, European automotive companies are positively looking towards developing and fostering social engagement within their companies in the future – CSR was and is a crucial part of their brand identity and companies will continue their engagement and cooperations in 2020.

2019-10-15 | D&I

Understanding Diversity Insights in the Workplace

To ensure equal opportunities for challenged employees, many new laws and regulations were promulgated. These new laws not only intensified the efforts to make a beneficial environment for both employee and company, but also give real financial incentives to encourage employers to hire and retain employees with disabilities.

2019-09-05 | D&I

Diversity Insights: How Chinese Women Rise

Contrary to what most people in the West might expect, China has more women in senior executive roles than other countries, far outstripping Western countries such as the USA, France or Germany. Dr. Bettina Al-Sadik Lowinski shared her book results, also entitled “How Chinese Women Rise”, and helped participants understand what makes Chinese women so successful.

2019-06-05 | Sustainability

Garbage Sorting & Circular Economy

This S+ Workshop on “Garbage Sorting and Circular Economy” provided participants a great platform to explore innovative solutions for the challenges brought by Shanghai’s new regulations on garbage sorting. To inspire the discussion, interesting games, documentary videos, policy analyses, case studies, and workshop will be included in the session.

2017-12-04 | Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Innovation in China: German Companies’ CSR and Local Initiatives

China is now in a complex transformation period in a fast-changing society. It is bringing greater challenges to marginal groups (e.g. the disabled, terminal patients, and children in poor areas). By empowering them with rights and capabilities they will get supported and cross over barriers.

2017-03-03 | Business & Society

Network Thinking and WeQ for the Use of Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

The event was held in cooperation with Tongji University in design thinking and innovation field. The dean of College of Design and Innovation, Prof. LOU Yongqi, talked about how design thinking can cross the boundaries and combined everything together.

2016-11-15 | Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility in a World of Cultural Diversity and Pluralism of Values

Dr. Klaus Michael Leisinger explained the idea of “more than a market” in doing business in China. He emphasized the importance to get to know the market by taking up proper responsibilities and develop some awareness. The company culture constitutes the soft power of the company and the cross-cultural ability is gaining credit in a foreign land.

2016-06-15 | Corporate Social Responsibility

More than a Market Support Lab

In order to support companies and organizations to develop new projects for social engagement and develop new collaborations, the workshop offered participants to experience new methodologies for idea generation and concept development. The Support Lab was co-hosted by SAP and CONSTELLATIONS and took place in the frame of the Business and Society Workshops Series.

2015-11-10 | Business & Society

A View from German Non-Profit Social Organizations in China: Cooperations at the Interface of Society, Government, Development and Economy

2015-07-06 | Business & Society

Workshop: Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups between Germany and China Trends, Business Opportunities, Social Causes

Whether we are talking about “entrepreneurship” in general or “social entrepreneurship” in particular: What lies at the core of these concepts? It is will power and creativity of people who are able to spot gaps that can be turned into opportunities. These people are driven by their passion of developing new solutions and willing to take risks.